19 Oct

Essentially what is supplied from nature in various meats that your canine will really enjoy eating. Dogs are very rarely allergic to meats, but if they do have a problem with one type, just skip that one. There is certainly absolutely no requirement for scientific evaluation and elevating this or that nutrient group in the food they eat. Wolves existed for many hundreds of 1000’s of years without the need of processed dog food, and your pet dog did so for about 10,000 years.

Some ‘specialists’ actually recommend that owners use their special working dog supplement that offers increased protein along with fats to  help the release of energy in meals. In fact, if you would like to use your own special formula, use MEAT, but simply keep a bit more fat on the meat you feed to your dogs!


MISTRUTH 1       Never give raw meat. It can easily cause food poisoning – totally cook any fresh meat to wipe out bacteria. ” WRONG, wrong, wrong!

Wild canines and wolves eat uncooked meat for survival, they progressed to do this since they were definitely not complex enough to invent fire. Have you ever seen a dog conceal a bone and excavate it up days to weeks afterwards when it had partially broken up so they could get the marrow for nutrition?

Dogs possess a great acid belly which helps them to kill a lot of the harmful bacteria. They have a small intestine to discharge harmful elements from their tummy soon after they have rapidly gotten the nutritional requirements from their meat. In the event you cook most of your dog’s  meat, you will probably destroy most of the wellness enzymes.

MISTRUTH 2 – Meat ought to in no way be any more than 12% of a dog’s overall diet, otherwise one can risk unsettling the worth of a balanced canine food. WRONG once again.

Interpretation is: meat (which ought to be 99% of your dog’s diet plan) must not be consumed, because it will prevent you obtaining THEIR minimal health value manufactured goods and THEIR OWN investors will get annoyed. Their entire debate suggests that somehow nature got it wrong whenever it created carnivores to hunt meat!

MISTUTH 3 – Dogs can live long, wholesome lifestyles on plant eating plans. 50 percent of this specific diet program must come from grains and fifty percent from plants. THIS IS ALARMINGLY IMPROPER!

Humans are omnivores, so all of us have an option among our special meals made of meat or vegetables. Canines don’t possess an option, due to the fact they are meat eaters. A veggie diet won’t provide all of the nutritional requirements and enzymes your pup’s body needs. It will greatly damage their immune system by feeding them veggies only or a large amount of them. Do whatever you prefer with your own body system, but if you wish to own a dog, provide it a normal meat diet.


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